For the highest number of victims shot to death in recent history, the Las Vegas Harvest Festival tragedy mandates that we send merit. Here are some of the more than 60 names and faces we know thus far. Until November 19th, Buddhists can especially help these beings in the state of Bardo upon dying in shock, dismay, grief, and hate, including Stephen Paddock.

For the living too, we must continue to apply effort with or without regard to tangible result. Lion’s Roar offers these two practices in times of tragedy by Pema Chodron and Bernie Glassman. For those in Las Vegas, please donate blood. For those with means, please donate. For those with the ability to influence gun control laws, please advise and act.

For the short lives we live in this dimension, may our efforts to highlight the plight of human beings and ease major crises of our times be long, and somewhat enduring.