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Next Unified Racial Justice Call: May 21st

The next POC Quarterly racial justice calls open will be 5/21/19, starting 11 AM PST.

Ann Uyeda and NABA's racial justice co-facilitators will lead this call to explore Larry Yang's book Awakening Together: The Spiritual Practice of Inclusivity and Community.

From the Buddha's teachings of interdependence, our life experiences and practice, we know that liberation is a collective process. My awakening is tied to your awakening regardless. At the same time, we know that liberation and awakening do not come from bypassing the profound impacts of systemic oppression, power, and privilege on our interpersonal and collective relationships. How then do we, in Larry Yang's wise words, "embrace diverse identities and experiences within our spiritual communities, building sanghas that make good on the promise of liberation for everyone" while also working towards a world based on mutual respect, care, and appreciation rather than hierarchy and division?

Please read up to chapter 1 or more in preparation for this call and make notes on any content that particularly inspired questions or insights for you. These pages in the earlier part of the book are available via Kindle store/app or via Google preview.

We would love it if you can commit to being on the entire call so that everyone may be fully immersed, though we understand you have busy lives and may not have two full hours on Feb 19th, so just come and go as unobtrusively as you can.

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Racial Justice Calls Open to All
11 AM - 1 PM PST / 2 - 4 PM EST