The presence of ordained Buddhist nuns is growing around the world. In 2016 and on its 20th anniversary, the Chinese Buddhism Bhikkhuni Association awarded 51 Bhikkhunis around the world with the 1st Global Award of Outstanding Contributions of Commendated Bhikkhunis. Based in Taiwan, the C.B.B.A., with more than 300 nuns as members, has witnessed and supported the rising influence of nuns who are more than a majority of monastics on this island.

This international award, however, recognized prominent Bhikkhunis throughout greater Asia and beyond, including eight Bhikkhunis from North America: Pema Chodron of Gampo Abbey, Thubten Chodron of Sravasti Abbey, Ayya Anandabodhi and Ayya Santacitta of Aloka Vihara, Venerable Sudharshana of Samadhi Buddhist Meditation Center, Venerable Zhi Ru Ng who teaches Religious Studies at Pomona College, Venerable Ru Dao of Hai Ming Temple, and the founder of Simplicity Hermitage, Heartwood Refuge, and other admirable initiatives -- North American Buddhist Alliance's esteemed Board member Venerable Pannavati!

Venerable Pannavati shares these words of inspiration with us upon being congratulated for this award:

"I would like to express deep appreciation for the award as a symbol of encouragement to look even more deeply into how we can all help alleviate sentient suffering through just simple acts of conscience and fearlessness. Dharma (and all wisdom teaching) inspires us to tap into this active, compassionate power within, and for that, I am grateful."