NABA's White Affinities Group is committed to continue its monthly space
to talk about the work we're doing to end white supremacy and work for racial justice,

whether that's in our sanghas, in the U.S. and beyond --
what we are learning, what the challenges are, and how this connects with our Buddhist practice.

Our hope is that this kind of space could support and strengthen people's local organizing rather than taking away from it.
NABA WAG is working on the dates for upcoming calls. Details in October.
NABA provides a unique opportunity to connect across Buddhist lineages and across geographic regions.
Key points:

* This is a chance to touch base every month for a short period of time, rather than making an extensive commitment.
* WAG is inclusive of all levels of experience with anti-racist work and Buddhism. We are all learning together.
* All kinds of anti-racism work can be brought in for discussion.
This could include conversations with people in your day to day life (sangha, work, family, etc.), more formal collective organizing against structural and systemic racism, internal learning and unlearning, etc.
* New folks can drop in at any time.
* This is also a chance to practice facilitating white anti-racist discussion in a supportive space, for anyone who wants to try that.
Currently Ruby, and Joshua are going to rotate facilitation and we'd love for other folks to get involved if this is something you want to try.
We will send more frequent updates and reminders through the WAG Google Group. To join the Google Group, please register and show up on a WAG Zoom call.
We'd like to get to know you and know about you and racial justice.

We need more intersections between the overarching, powerful Buddhists for racial justice statements and the daily grind of local diversity programs, learning through sharing, and continental multi-lineage conversations, please join us in our attempt to connect the dots here at NABA!

Ruby Grad is a practicing meditator and Buddhist in the Ajahn Chah lineage of the Thai Forest Theravada lineage for close to 30 years.

Not pictured is Joshua, who has been practicing for 12 years with a sangha in a Rinzai Zen lineage and is involved in grassroots groups working to end white supremacy and colonialism.