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Sesshins are extended periods of intensive, silent zazen for experienced meditators. They are held in seclusion, follow a rigorous schedule, and last from three to seven days. Mitra-roshi conducts sesshins in New Mexico, California, and New Jersey.

Mountain Gate is a place of deep Zen Buddhist practice. If you are interested in joining us for sesshin or a longer or shorter period of intensive residential practice, please write and tell us why, what your practice history is, and who you are. Because of the demanding and intense nature of sesshin, only people who have been sitting regularly should apply.

There are many hours of formal zazen each day; informal zazen is encouraged during breaks and rest periods. Other elements of sesshin are walking meditation, chanting, prostrations, work, exercise, and vegetarian meals. Sanzen (private instruction with Mitra-roshi) is offered twice a day, and there are daily teisho (Zen talks by the Roshi).