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Join Jeff Warren of The Consciousness Explorers Club for a different kind of retreat. Silent until dinner, we sit in MEDITATION four to five hours a day, a mix of solo and guided excursions into feeling, sound, energy, openness, silence, rest, surrender, as well as more dynamic movement and nature and loving-kindness meditations. Each of these is an adventure into a different corner of human experience, a fresh inquiry into who and how we are, a unique exploration of consciousness.

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1. Fill out the online registration form. Click here.

2. We’ll email you to let you know if there’s space. If so, we ask you to pay to hold your space. You can pay by e-transfer, or credit card / PalPal ($15 extra to cover credit card/ PayPal processing). Refund policy: $50 admin fee if cancel; $100 if cancel within 2 weeks of retreat