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NABA offers monthly opportunities for POC Buddhists for racial justice to gather. This multi-lineage container provides nourishment, solidarity-building, probes into larger questions, and action-oriented committees couched on the teachings of the Buddha. These calls are consistent opportunities where POC Buddhists for racial justice across North America may be relieved of the burden of having to explain racism to others and simply be accepted, as together we explore justice issues and resolutions in our personal and global spheres. POC Buddhists across traditions have something unique to offer race relations at micro and macro levels too.

Regular calls every 3rd Tuesday of the month starting at 11:30 AM PST / 2:30 PM EST.
The next call will be February 20th.

Register for upcoming 2018 calls here:
February 20 -- An Exploration.
We will consider questions such as the following:
-Are fight and flight the only options in the face of injustice?
-What Dharma-based resolutions have you tried or would like to try?
-And what happened or resulted when you did try?
-Explore silence as a solution vs. being silenced as an injustice.

March 20 -- Peace and Social Action.
Coinciding with NABA's multi-lineage racial justice webinar by Katie Loncke of Buddhist Peace Fellowship and co-presenter from another community, please join all interested in racial justice on this date.

April to December

Dr. Kamilah Majied, Jennifer Hawkins, and Guo Cheen are helping with the facilitation of these calls. Please join us:

  • To Heal: To recognize and repair internalized oppression and its impact on our relatedness as a diverse body of practitioners of color. We need time together to apply our practice towards discovering more personally who we are as a diverse body of color.
  • To Discover: To know who Practitioners of Color are as a diverse body, recognize the integral roles we play in the broader spiritual community, discover how we currently enhance racial equity, leverage resources, and form natural collaborations.
  • To Bridge: This call invites us to explore how we align our energies in ways that bridge racial separation between historically divided communities of color. Many of us also seek to reconcile and collaborate with white practitioners, allies, and institutions without causing or experiencing harm.
  • To Justice: We call practitioners of color to humbly recognize our interdependence across the very systems which perpetuate the vestiges of our exploitation/enslavement, including economic, healthcare, educational, environmental, transportation and legal systems controlling housing, property and national borders. Of relevant concern to us is how racism relies on greed and class stratification, the weight of which is not only ravaging the poorest communities of color but also rapidly destroying the planet.

See you every 3rd Tuesday of the month!