As a hub of support and for sharing resources, North American Buddhist Alliance expects to encourage many collaborations among peace-loving Buddhists across the region.

March 2016. (Seattle, WA) Today, North American Buddhist Alliance (NABA) launches its interactive website for Buddhists in the region so that the teachings of the Buddha may be even more skillfully shared and so that peace may result in the minds and social realities here.

Presently no Buddhist network exists in North America. Given the rapid population growth of Buddhists and Buddhist groups on the North American continent, a member-supported association that informs the public about the presence of various Buddhist groups and supports Buddhists in the sharing of resources or efforts toward collective action is an absolute necessity.

NABA was founded with the support of a few dozen Buddhist teachers who lead groups in the United States and Canada. A small idea that began at the 2015 International Dharma Teachers’ Gathering grew to become an official nonprofit organization with an interactive website, a quarterly e-newsletter, and virtual and in-person opportunities for Buddhists to share ideas and event information, to create joint initiatives and projects.

Reverend Guo Cheen, one of the directors of the NABA Board, points to the interdependent Indra’s Net integrated into the NABA logo, “it represents the cohesion and cooperation possible, both of which must happen to a certain degree to turn the wheel of the Dharma in the West. And as the wheel turns, each piece of the whole is made more radiant.”

NABA serves as a resource for Buddhists and Buddhist groups across North America and can be followed at For more information please contact Guo Cheen at or 253-886-6251.


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