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To Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and Those Under Their Influence, Stop your overt and covert, subtle and blatant, incessant and harmful 

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One Step Closer to On Inclusion!

One Step Closer to On Inclusion! On Inclusion! North American Buddhist Alliance’s intrafaith gathering in Toronto, Canada on October 31st was

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Reflect, Report, and Refuse Hate Speech Online

Subtle sways of the mind. Covert violence in messaging. Carried-over hatred onto the typically oppressed. Have you noticed yourself repeating certain words,

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Newsworthy: for Racial Justice

Equal Justice Initiative A Documentary: Milwaukee 53206 Racism is Part of the Healthcare Debate ACLU on Transgender People and the Military I

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Newsworthy: Buddhism and Race

Harvard Celebrates Diversity with Commencement for Black Students White Nationalist Leads Protest Threatening Nooses as Acts of Hate Crime Hung about DC The

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2017 UN Vesak on May 10th Stand Against Suffering: Buddhist Leaders' Unprecedented Call New York Buddhists in Dialogue: Immigration, Race, and Dharma


Monthly WAG

NABA's White Affinities Group is committed to continue its monthly space to talk about the work we're doing to end white supremacy

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Welcome to New NABA Board Member: Frederick Meyer

From Frederick Meyer: Namaste! I'm Frederick Meyer, a lifetime practitioner within the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. My inspiration is to help spiritual practitioners

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