The What: Interactive Website

Member Groups Directory

A directory of NABA Member Groups is core to anyone searching for a Dharma community in a certain area or of a tradition. Member Groups’ profiles allow someone perusing the website to capture an initial impression of a monastery, organization, sitting group etc. and to learn the many ways to explore further.

Calendar & Featured Events

NABA Participants and Member Groups may post events on the NABA Calendar or in Featured Events.


Anyone interested in NABA may set up an individual Visitor or NABA Participant profile and engage with NABA Member Groups. Individuals may make a small donation to become a NABA Participant with more interactive capabilities. Messaging, commenting, liking, befriending, chatting, or posting information are just some of the functions available to and among Member Groups, NABA Participants and Visitors for purposes of collaboration. This is one of the more interactive aspects about the NABA website. Try it to learn all possible ways to interact as members of NABA!


Member Groups, NABA Participants and Visitors may comment on, share an article or an issue with others at the NABA website or social media sites. Contribution to the e-newsletter is most welcome. Please reach out to NABA with your idea for an article. NABA News is distributed at least quarterly.