Presently no Buddhist association exists in America. Given the rapid population growth of Buddhists and Buddhist groups across the U.S. and Canada, a network that lets the public know about the various Buddhist groups that exist and for these groups to share information or even take collective action seems a necessity.

We understand there is value in a continental Buddhist network such as the European Buddhist Union, but no continental North American Buddhist-groups network exists. Regionally, Northwest Dharma Association in the Pacific Northwest has been around for more than 25 years and appears to demonstrate that a simple model with a directory of member groups, regular online communication such as a newsletter, and occasional non-sectarian, greater sangha gatherings indeed enhance intrafaith intersections among Buddhist communities.

Sensing the dire need and being grateful for the 29 founding Member Groups, a handful of us stepped forward to make NABA a reality. With this website, a quarterly NABA E-Newsletter, and opportunities for Member Groups to share event information and collaborative projects with one another and the public, we hope Buddhists and Buddhist groups will benefit from this North American hub of resources and interactions!