Teacher(s): Jason Siff , Linda Modaro , )ther teachers trained world-wide
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The Skillful Meditation Project was founded as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in 1996 in Southern California. Our purpose is to promote the study, instruction, and practice of meditation through a meditative approach developed by Jason Siff called Recollective Awareness.


Our Approach to Meditation
Translated from the Pali word “anupassana,” Recollective Awareness Meditation is a gentle and open approach to meditation, where you recollect your experiences in meditation. Broadening the definition of meditation to “whatever you experience when you sit down with an intention to meditate” allows you to come to know and investigate the variety of states (vicitta) that arise in a meditation sitting while utilizing the faculty of memory as a way to cultivate awareness of the dynamic and dependently arisen nature of meditative experience.
Teacher: Jason Siff, Linda Modaro, and other teachers trained world-wide
Tradition/Lineage: Theravada – Vipassana – Recollective Awareness Meditation