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To Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and Those Under Their Influence, Stop your overt and covert, subtle and blatant, incessant and harmful 

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Vesak Celebrations Across North America

For years now, Buddhist communities across U.S., Canada, and the world have come together to celebrate Buddhist unity and diversity on

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NABA in the News

Recent Lion's Roar headlines featuring North American Buddhist Alliance: Time to Tune in, Not Turn Away Learn more here and register for

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News Worthy

African American History Month Videos Featuring Teachers such as Ven. Pannavati and Rev. Myokei (Source: Tricycle) Voices Across Political Lines: What can

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News Worthy

Monthly Compilation by NABA Volunteers His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 2017 Message to the World (Source: The Elephant Journal) Influential Religious Studies

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Newsworthy Compilation around the Continent

Monthly Collection by NABA Volunteers Ready to mobilize with an extensive North American Buddhist Directory (Source: Buddhanet) Watch the trailer: new

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Online Conference and Follow-Up’s

Thank you to the 20-plus of you who joined North American Buddhist Alliance's first online conference. It was one-third of the 60

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Welcome to New NABA Board Member: Frederick Meyer

From Frederick Meyer: Namaste! I'm Frederick Meyer, a lifetime practitioner within the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. My inspiration is to help spiritual practitioners

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NABA Plans for 2017

In the works for the upcoming year are more online opportunities for Buddhists across North America to connect. For 2017, NABA has

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