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To Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and Those Under Their Influence, Stop your overt and covert, subtle and blatant, incessant and harmful 

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One Step Closer to On Inclusion!

One Step Closer to On Inclusion! On Inclusion! North American Buddhist Alliance’s intrafaith gathering in Toronto, Canada on October 31st was

One Step Closer to On Inclusion!2019-02-06T05:19:09-08:00

On Inclusion! A Buddhist View

ON inclusion Inclusion is misstated as a solution to exclusion for a Buddhist like me. Where I consider inclusion

On Inclusion! A Buddhist View2019-03-19T14:08:02-07:00

Lenz Foundation Awards NABA 2018 Grant

The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism has been relentless in its efforts to pioneer Buddhism on new ground. In contributing

Lenz Foundation Awards NABA 2018 Grant2019-01-02T10:53:37-08:00

Reflect, Report, and Refuse Hate Speech Online

Subtle sways of the mind. Covert violence in messaging. Carried-over hatred onto the typically oppressed. Have you noticed yourself repeating certain words,

Reflect, Report, and Refuse Hate Speech Online2019-02-05T15:09:51-08:00

Worth Sharing: for Racial Justice

Black Man Goes Undercover in the Alt-Right TED Talks that Help You Understand Racism Making the Invisible Visible Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Worth Sharing: for Racial Justice2017-10-03T08:00:37-07:00

Dedicating Merit to Las Vegas Victims

For the highest number of victims shot to death in recent history, the Las Vegas Harvest Festival tragedy mandates that we

Dedicating Merit to Las Vegas Victims2017-10-03T07:57:31-07:00

Vesak Celebrations Across North America

For years now, Buddhist communities across U.S., Canada, and the world have come together to celebrate Buddhist unity and diversity on

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Newsworthy: for Racial Justice

Equal Justice Initiative A Documentary: Milwaukee 53206 Racism is Part of the Healthcare Debate ACLU on Transgender People and the Military I

Newsworthy: for Racial Justice2019-02-08T05:48:45-08:00

Newsworthy: Buddhism and Race

Harvard Celebrates Diversity with Commencement for Black Students White Nationalist Leads Protest Threatening Nooses as Acts of Hate Crime Hung about DC The

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2017 UN Vesak on May 10th Stand Against Suffering: Buddhist Leaders' Unprecedented Call New York Buddhists in Dialogue: Immigration, Race, and Dharma



2017 UN Vesak on May 10thStand Against Suffering: Buddhist Leaders' Unprecedented CallNew York Buddhists in Dialogue:Immigration, Race, and DharmaLotus Petals in the


Monthly WAG

NABA's White Affinities Group is committed to continue its monthly space to talk about the work we're doing to end white supremacy

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Buddhists for Racial Justice: Now a NABA Initiative

When 125 diverse Buddhist leaders made their historic and unified visit to the White House in May 2015, they identified two urgent issues

Buddhists for Racial Justice: Now a NABA Initiative2017-03-09T20:40:05-08:00

A Letter to Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Rev. Dr. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki, president of the Buddhist Council of New York (BCNY), invites Buddhist group or groups to pen a support

A Letter to Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters2019-02-08T05:46:28-08:00


IMS Teachers Program Begins Anew with 75% POC's Toronto Vesak 2017 in the Plans 75th Anniversary of Japanese Americans' Internment Reminder for


NABA in the News

Recent Lion's Roar headlines featuring North American Buddhist Alliance: Time to Tune in, Not Turn Away Learn more here and register for

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News Worthy

African American History Month Videos Featuring Teachers such as Ven. Pannavati and Rev. Myokei (Source: Tricycle) Voices Across Political Lines: What can

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News Worthy

Monthly Compilation by NABA Volunteers His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 2017 Message to the World (Source: The Elephant Journal) Influential Religious Studies

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Bhikshuni Pannavati Receives Global Bhikkhuni Award

The presence of ordained Buddhist nuns is growing around the world. In 2016 and on its 20th anniversary, the Chinese Buddhism Bhikkhuni

Bhikshuni Pannavati Receives Global Bhikkhuni Award2019-02-08T05:44:57-08:00

Buddhists Join Women’s March on Washington

"In the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us, we join

Buddhists Join Women’s March on Washington2019-02-08T05:45:11-08:00

Newsworthy Compilation around the Continent

Monthly Collection by NABA Volunteers Ready to mobilize with an extensive North American Buddhist Directory (Source: Buddhanet) Watch the trailer: new

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Online Conference and Follow-Up’s

Thank you to the 20-plus of you who joined North American Buddhist Alliance's first online conference. It was one-third of the 60

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Metta and More to Standing Rock

More than 500 religious leaders are now at Standing Rock, North Dakota. Among Buddhist leaders present, Venerable Pannavati sends us photos by her

Metta and More to Standing Rock2019-01-02T10:27:56-08:00

Welcome to New NABA Board Member: Frederick Meyer

From Frederick Meyer: Namaste! I'm Frederick Meyer, a lifetime practitioner within the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. My inspiration is to help spiritual practitioners

Welcome to New NABA Board Member: Frederick Meyer2019-01-02T10:27:56-08:00

NABA Plans for 2017

In the works for the upcoming year are more online opportunities for Buddhists across North America to connect. For 2017, NABA has

NABA Plans for 20172019-02-08T05:48:04-08:00

Teachers Invited to Answer Real Life Questions

  In the complex world of today, many face real life situations that the Buddha never addressed. For teachers steeped in the

Teachers Invited to Answer Real Life Questions2019-02-08T05:50:19-08:00

NABA Directory of Buddhist Groups

North American Buddhist Alliance Group Directory now consists of 32 Buddhist groups across North America. Their focus range from Zen to social action

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Post Events on the Calendar

"Every day is a good day." So I quote one of the North American Buddhist Alliance Member Groups, Boundless Way Zen. The

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The Why: Start and Purpose

Presently no Buddhist association exists in America. Given the rapid population growth of Buddhists and Buddhist groups across the U.S. and Canada,

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Launching of North American Buddhist Alliance


Launching of North American Buddhist Alliance2019-01-02T10:33:49-08:00

A Heartfelt Endorsement

Lionheart In the world as we find it today, the ancient is needed more now than ever. NABA will

A Heartfelt Endorsement2019-01-02T10:39:28-08:00

What Can I do?

What Can I do? Create a Visitor or NABA Participant profile at the NABA website. View website information, post comments, chat

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The Who: People Working With Us

The Who: People Working With Us Dharma teachers who took the first step in supporting NABA, the founding Member Groups representatives! Members

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Where We are Headed: 2016

In its first full year of connecting Buddhists across North America, North American Buddhist Alliance (NABA) will continue to transform dreams

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The What: Interactive Website

The What: Interactive Website Member Groups Directory A directory of NABA Member Groups is core to anyone searching for a Dharma

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